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By on March 12, 2010

AudioBoo is a free audio service out of the UK that very well could be the next big thing.  It allows you to record audio (up to five minutes) and post it on their site.  You can record the audio via their web page, iphone app or an upcoming andriod app.  You can also upload prerecorded messages directly on the site.

Once you create a “boo” then you can add a picture and a location to it.  People that are listening to your boo can view the picture and a map of where it was recorded.   This really ads a very nice touch.

Just like twitter, you can befriend other AudioBoo users and follow their boos.  Interestingly, you can browse nearby boos too.  AudioBoo is also well integrated with other social web services.  You can automatically post your boos to twitter, facebook, posterous and the like.

One very cool feature is that all your boos are automatically lumped together into a unique podcast feed which has both an iTunes link and a standard RSS link.  With this feature, I could see pastors using this service to create a new breed of on the fly podcasts.  These “pocket podcasts” could be a great running series of thoughts, devotionals, or interviews with people from the church.

The interface for this thing on the iPhone is excellent.  It’s very intuitive.  The recording part is particularly great.  You can see your audio levels, pause the recording, pick it up again, restart the recording, or listen to what you have so far, all before you publish it.  You have a lot of control.

BTW, If you record over 20 boos in a twelve month period, AudioBoo will increase your maximum record time to 10 minutes.

AudioBoo even supplies you with embed code to add your boos to any website or blog.  Here’s a sample AudioBoo from yours truly…

As you can see the audio is very good.

I love this service and how it works.  I hate to say it but it’s 12seconds done right.  I think it’s going to gain some insane momentum as more and more folks here in the US hear about it!

You can check out AudioBoo at  The free iphone app is available here.

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