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By on March 16, 2010

When Rick Warren first started Saddleback Church, he learned the name of every person that attended.  How long did he keep that up?  He’s said that he knew the name of every man, woman and child at his church until they reached 3000 people!  How’d he do it?  He used flash cards.

Flash cards may seem a little old school in today’s high tech world but studies show that they work.  They really do help you memorize important data like names, faces, formulas, and Bible verses.  The good news is that now you don’t want to mess with 3X5 cards and markers to get your flash card mojo working.  The folks over at HeadMagnet are here for you and they’re ready to hook you up.

HeadMagnet is a free online flash card service that can help you memorize anything and it’s outstanding.  You can create your own deck of flash cards (HeadManget calls them study lists) and start rocking away immediately.

You could use this service for viritually anything.  You could use it to memorize Bible verses, new words, or important dates.  (Imagine, you could remember your anniversary and stuff!)  You can also add images to your study list so it’s perfect for learning the names and faces of the people of your church.  The possibilities are endless.

HeadMagnet also does the old index cards one better by learning what you really know and what you’re still struggling with as you work through your lists.  Once you know it, you don’t have to keep repeating it.  It’s clear that a lot of thought went into the studying “engine” at HeadMagnet.  According to the site…

Headmagnet is based on research on memory, learning, and cognition. It models a learner’s memory using the ACT-R cognitive architecture, which was mainly developed by John R. Anderson at Carnegie Mellon University.

Now, we’re not exactly sure what that means but it sounds good, huh?  Actually, you do get the sense that the system is learning you as you learn from your study list and it has some great reports showing you what you really know and areas you can work on.

Beyond your own study lists, there are scores of public study lists that cover all sorts of topics from the names and faces of world leaders to the 50 States of the Union and their capitals.  You can also view the study lists of friends that use the service.

So, go check out HeadMagnet today and start building your study lists.  In no time, you’ll have mad memory skillz and you’ll be able to give Rick Warren a run for his money.

HeadMagnet can be found at  While you’re memorizing stuff, don’t forget to come back here and let us know what you think.

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