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By on March 2, 2010

Every pastor I know is always looking for good series graphics and videos.  You can certainly get a lot of great custom stuff done these days but sometimes you can’t afford the expense of custom work or you’re just in a hurry.  Here’s a list of some of the best free and paid sites I know of…

FREE COMPLETE (or near complete) PACKAGES

1.  LifeChurch.tv Open:  The folks at LifeChurch may not have invented the idea of sharing series resources but they certainly have perfected it.  Awesome site.

2.  Elevation Resources:  The guys at Elevation have a limited amount of resources but it’s good stuff.  (They seem to be adding stuff in batches so more may be on its way.)  One thing to note is that their video bumpers are stripped of music for legal reasons.  You’ll have to add your own audio track to make them work.  (I wish Elevation would tell us what tracks they used originally.  That would help creatively.)

3.  Southeast Christian Vine Resources:  I don’t think these are updated very often but what is here is good.

4.  Four Corners Church: The Church Box:  This stuff is looking a little dated to me but it’s free!

5.  Stuff I Can Use:  This stuff has a slight youth orientation but you could definitely use the majority of it for adult services.


1.  North Point Resources:  These packages are from North Point Community Church and they are very strong.  They are not cheap but I’ve been impressed with how much stuff you get in a package.

2.  WiredChurches.com:  This stuff is from Granger Community Church and it’s first class.

3.  Sermonlicious:  This stuff is great but I wish it has accompanying video bumpers.  Thankfully, you do get the photoshop files for tweaking.

4.  Details Direct Sermon Paks:  These packs actually include matching program shells and invite cards on top of a CD with all the graphics.  The selection isn’t extensive but it’s not too bad either.  These are good people to deal with.  Good stuff if you’re in a real hurry.

5.  Lightbulb Creative:  This seems to be a fairly new company.  The stuff is basic but solid.

6.  CreativePastors.com:  This used to be a great place to get graphics and video packages.  Sadly, they seem to be selling mostly sermon transcripts these days.  You can still find some good stuff there from time to time, however.


1.  CreativeMYK:  This site offers free graphics for churches.  There aren’t any videos but some of the stuff looks very good.

Am I missing any others?  If so, let me know.  I’ll try to keep this list updated and current so that it can be a real resource for us all.  Enjoy!

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