Thwart the Paparazzi with Penzu

By on March 26, 2010

You’ve got a twitter account, a facebook account, a flickr account, a foursquare account and a blog.  You’re out there.  Anybody that has the ability to do a Google search can find out a ton of stuff about you.  Let’s face it.  You’re a celeb.  Still, there are times when the paparazzi that’s hounding you is too much and you want some well-deserved privacy.  That’s when Penzu comes to the rescue.

Penzu is a unique service that allows you to have a blog that’s basically just for you.  Think of it as a highly-secure, private online journal.  It’s a place for you to record the stuff you’d never blog, tweet, flick, four or face about.  It’s a space just for you.

What makes Penzu such a delight to use is that it’s as close to writing on paper that you’ll ever see online.  The interface is absolutely wonderful.  It looks and feels like a real notebook.  It’s better than a real notebook though because the paparazzi can’t ever find it.

Check out this video for a quick tour.

Ironically, Penzu will let you allow a few other friends to access your journal if you wish.  This would probably be good mostly for giving your spouse access.  Beyond that, it sort of defeats the whole purpose.

Penzu is free.  There is a pro version too with some extra features.

So, thwart the paparazzi’s attempts to find and read your journal by taking it all online with Penzu.

BONUS: For some extra fun, check out why journaling is good for your health here.

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