A Six Pack for Your Visitors

By on August 31, 2010

Most churches like to give their visitors something to thank them for visiting.  These items typically vary from clever to cheesy.  One church I visited gave away bags of microwave popcorn with stickers on them that said “Thanks for popping in.”  I’m not sure a pun is ever a good idea if your goal is getting somebody to return.  ;)

One thing that we’ve found to be very effective is giving away a book by Lee Strobel called, The Case for Faith.  This book answers most of the common questions and objections that people have about Christianity.  The great thing about this book is that it’s well written, clear and easy to understand.  It’s also succinct.

The benefit of handing this out is that is actually answers for you a lot of the questions that you tend to get over and over as a pastor.  It also answers some objections before they even occurr to most folks.

I love the idea that we’re actually giving away something helpful and substantive.  Don’t get me wrong.  We also give away some candy and some other materials in our visitor bags but this book just adds a level of care and actual ministry to the whole thing that takes it to a new level.

When giving things away, cost is obviously a concern.  First, churches should really look at this as an invest and not a cost.  Beyond that, the book itself is not that expensive.  The regular paperback is something like $10 per copy but Amazon also offers it in a smaller mass market paperback edition in bundles of six for $28.92.  That comes out to $4.82 a book which is very reasonable.

You can order the special 6-pack here from Amazon.

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