Andy Stanley Proves He’s Smarter Than You (Again)

By on August 23, 2010

Let’s just all concede right now that Andy Stanley is smarter than all of us other pastors.  Heck, he’s probably smarter than all of us put together!  Don’t let that get you down though.  Thankfully, Andy doesn’t mind sharing his smarts with the rest of us and he does that very well in Systems:  Liberating Your Organization.

This DVD is about systems.  That’s all that it’s about but, as Andy explains, systems are vitally important!  In this talk (that was originally given at Catalyst), Andy talks about why they are so important, what happens when you ignore their importance and how to start asking yourself the right questions to fix the problems you might have with your systems and the subsequent behaviors they produce in you, your staff and your church.

This is grade A material that every pastor should watch.  In fact, it’s a great talk to watch together with your staff or leadership team.  It will challenge and inspire you to fix broken systems and build new healthy ones too.  Quite simply, it’s the best talk on systems you’ve ever seen and it comes from a gift practitioner.

You can order this DVD through the Catalyst website here for the great price of just $20!  It’s easily worth it.  (Before you sit down to watch the DVD you’ll want to download the talk notes from here.)

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