New Maximizing Giving Book and an Amazing Deal

By on October 1, 2010

I’ve known Nelson Searcy for a long, long time and I can assure you that he’s absolutely brilliant.  He’s one of the top pastor-thinkers anywhere in the world today and that’s why I was excited to learn that Nelson’s latest book, Maximize: How to Develop Extravagant Givers in Your Church, was released today.  If it’s anything like any of Nelson’s others books or resources, this is a must-read.

Now, I normally wait to read a book before I post anything about it here but Nelson is running a deal that’s good today only and I feel like I just have to pass it along.   The bottom line is that if you buy his book today on Amazon and then go to his site and enter your Amazon order number then you’ll get a huge bundle of cool stuff from Nelson for free.  The bundle includes…

BONUS #1 – $25.00 Church Leader Insights Gift Certificate that can be used on any of my other online resources (this amount is designed to help you recover the investment you made in the book + shipping at Amazon)

BONUS #2 – $100.00 Gift Certificate on the 12-Hour Stewardship Intensive Workshop

BONUS #3 – $45.00 Off of the 3-CD Set, The Stewardship Seminar

BONUS #4 – How to Plan and Conduct a Christmas Offering PDF E-Book ($23.95 Value)

BONUS #5 – How to Lead Your Church During the Financial Crisis MP3 ($13.95 Value)

BONUS #6 – Money Matters in Church MP3 ($13.95 Value)

BONUS #7 – Free attendance and an early invitation to my upcoming Maximize Webinar. Dates and times will be announced via email later this month ($49.95 Value)

That’s an amazingly strong bundle for a $10 book purchase.  All together that bundle is worth something like $270.  You just can’t beat that.

All you’ve got to do is…

  1. Buy the book from Amazon.  Paperback or Kindle.
  2. Then, go to Nelson’s site and enter your info here.
FULL DISCLOSURE: I know Nelson and I know he’s the real deal.  Nelson did not ask me, however, to post this or share it with you in any way.  I won’t make any money off of this deal except perhaps a small Amazon book referral commission.  I’m not doing this to make money.  I’m spreading the word because I believe in Nelson’s systems, I think this will be helpful to all you pastors and I honestly think this is a strong deal.
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