Vision-based Marketing

By on June 2, 2011

I think it’s a safe bet to say that no company on the planet does a better job at marketing than Apple.  Sure, they’ve had some weaker ads on occasion but they’re so good the vast majority of the time that even their weaker ads are still better than 95% of what else is out there. 

Apple tends to shine the brightest, however, when their ads pitch vision and not just technology.  The 1984 spot and the Think Different campaigns didn’t mention any tech specifics.  Instead, they cast a compelling vision of what could be, and what should be.

Apple recently released a new ad for the iPad 2 that is a true winner.  Unlike the other iPad 2 ads they put into rotation with the launch of the product, this ad moves well beyond what an iPad can do and talks about Apple’s beliefs about technology.  Along the way, it makes you want to join them because vision (when cast well) is always compelling. Check it out.

Pretty good, huh? I’m tempted to say that most marketing for churches fails when compared to something like this ad. All too often, church ads seem to dwell on what to wear or service times and series hooks. Perhaps we could all learn something from Apple about casting vision in our marketing. Surely we can cast a more compelling vision than a tech company…even a great tech company.

Thankfully, there seems to be an uprising of new talent within the Christian community that wants to do something more than tired generic ads. Want to see some amazing video for a Christian event? Check this out.

Now, obviously, this intro video wasn’t designed to connect to the unchurched but it’s certainly soul stirring. I hope we start seeing more and more vision-based marketing stuff like this and less of the “Got Milk?” parodies that tend to surface from churches.

HT: Ben Arment
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