The Presentation Software Game Changer

By on July 28, 2011

Most churches use some sort of presentation software and there are certainly a lot of presentation software packages out there from which to choose.  The truth is, however, that they are all very similar and not much has really changed in this segment in quite a while.  Logos (the Bible software folks) are going to try to change that with their new product Proclaim.

What makes Proclaim different is that it’s web based.  It’s a cloud application and that makes it unique and, quite possibly, very powerful.  This is a brilliant paradigm shift that could yield tremendous new features.

Check out this video to catch the vision of this product.

The potential of this product is so huge because the fundamental problem with standard presentation software packages is that it all resides on one computer.  That’s one computer that’s responsible for everything and one computer that everyone needs to access to make changes or updates.  That’s also one major point of failure if anything goes wrong.

Proclaim stores everything on the web which means everyone can work on their segments of the presentation (worship, slides, video clips, Bible verses, etc.) independent of each other and from their own computers.  That’s great.  It also means that the actual presentation computer is almost disposable.  If it goes down, just toss another computer into the mix and fire up Proclaim.

Now, since Proclaim isn’t out yet there are obviously a lot of questions.  Is there a dedicated app to install on the presentation computer or is the presentation itself going to run within some sort of full-screened browser?  (One would hope there would be a dedicated app to make it cleaner.)  Also, is everything being streamed from the cloud for the presentation?  If so, what sort of bandwidth would be required?  Is there any sort of offline solution?  (This would be big for some portable churches.)

The video seems to suggest that there would be an iPhone app for congregations to use to see the presentation live on their phones.  That would be amazing!

Also, the iPad app for lyrics or controlling the presentation is a nice touch.

We can’t wait to see the actual implementation of this product.  Regardless of whether Logos makes this work or not, we predict all presenation software companies will ultimately make the move to this format.  It makes sense technically and it also makes more money for them because all their users become subscribers with ongoing revenues.

You can sign up at the Proclaim site to receive an email when the final product is launched.  I’ll also review it here as soon as we can get our grubby little hands on it.

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