Unleash Your Brilliance

By on December 29, 2011

Pastor, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, you’re a creative.  Yes, I know that you do a lot of other things too.  You’re a leader and an administrator, and a part-time handyman at times, but one of your biggest roles is teaching and that means that you create tons of content every week.  In fact, when you toss in blog posts, announcements, series blurbs, letters, creating systems, leadership talks, vision-casting, and the like, it’s clear that pastors are called upon to create content almost nonstop.

That’s why Todd Henry’s book, The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice is a must-read for every pastor.  Watch this trailer for the book and see if it doesn’t connect with you.

In this great book,  you’ll learn how to focus on what’s most important and reclaim your attention.  You’ll also learn how to boost your creative power while eliminating things that drain you creatively.   Henry covers everything from relationships to stimuli to work hours.

I don’t know if Todd Henry had pastors in mind when he wrote this book but it sure speaks to where pastors live most of the time.

I can’t recommend this book enough.

You can read the first chapter for free below or order it from Amazon (Hardcover link / Kindle link).

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