A Pastor’s Guide to Evernote

By on January 11, 2012

Ron Edmondson is a bit of fixture on the interwebs.  He’s a pastor with a huge twitter following and his tweets and blog posts are always great.

That’s why I was excited to learn that Ron had published an e-book called A Guide to Evernote for Pastors.

This e-book isn’t incredibly long but it is extremely thorough and absolutely packed with useful ideas for pastors wanting to increase their productivity.

Evernote is Powerful If You Get It

The truth is that Evernote is a very powerful tool and it’s one of the few tools that I would recommend to almost everyone.

The only problem is that the real power of this tool is only unleashed if you actually use it regularly and intentionally.  Many people never truly experience any significant benefits from Evernote because they just can’t get a vision of what it’s really supposed to be doing for them.  That’s why a guide like this one is important.

In this great guide, Ron covers…

  • How to Get Started
  • How a Pastor Should Set Evernote Up
  • Cool Evernote Features Pastors Should Know About
  • How to Use Evernote to Capture Everything
  • How to Share What You’ve Captured

I just love how practical and useful this great-looking guide is.

I think the guide seriously benefits from the fact that Ron is a communicator but he isn’t an IT guy.  Ron clearly communicates how he uses and relies on Evernote without trailing off into useless tech speak.


Right now, this guide is on sale for $1.99.  You really can’t beat that price.

You can get a free sample chapter here but why waste time with that?  It’s only $1.99.  Go ahead and get the entire e-book here.  You’ll be glad you did.

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