Great New Service Reveals Your Personal Email Trends

By on January 6, 2012

Do you use email or does it use you?  That’s the question a lot of people are pondering these days as they find themselves buried under ever-increasing piles of the stuff.

Some individuals, as well as entire companies, are giving serious thought to how and why they use email.

Now, thanks to a new free service, you can explore your email usages trends and discover what’s really going on with you and your email.

ToutApp is a wonderful new online app that digs through your Gmail or Google Apps account and generates some absolutely amazing reports regarding your email usage.

You’ll learn answers to questions like…

  • Do you send more emails than you receive or is it the other way around?
  • Did people actually respond to you?
  • Did you answer emails?
  • What month was your busiest email month last year?
  • What day of the week is your busiest email day?
  • What hours of the day do you send the most emails?
  • Who are your top ten email contacts?
  • Who are your most popular inner circles?
  • How many emails do you send or receive on average each month?

Personal Email Infographic

You get the answers to those questions and a lot more.  And, all of this useful info is presented with gorgeous charts and graphs.  It’s like having your own email usage infographic.

Tweet Your Stats

The reports are even social media savvy.  You can tweet certain stats about your email usage to your friends so you can brag or complain.

More Than Just Fun

As great as it is to see all these stats, I think this is really a serious tool.  You could use it to improve or refine how and when and with whom you email.  It could help you save some serious time if you truly used the data to make informed decisions about how you’re using email or how it’s using you.


You can launch your report by visiting

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