Printed Church Newsletters Antiques?

By on January 1, 2012

This article in the Columbus Dispatch claims that printed newsletters are dying out.  What I can’t believe is that anyone is still printing them at all.  With every major newspaper in the country on the decline, the writing is on the wall concerning communicating via printed media.

I’m sure there are exceptions but it seems that there are an almost unlimited number of better ways to communicate news and announcements to our churches.

In the article, it states that many churches still make printed copies available upon request.  That’s nice but I bet it’s mostly unnecessary.

Generally speaking the church shouldn’t always be so shy to move on.  It’s understandable to not want to leave anyone behind but at the same time the way people communicate has changed and the church should utilize whatever media works best in speaking to both those inside and outside of the church.

What do you think?  Does your church still print newsletters?

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