Rock Some Old School Billy G

By on January 17, 2012

The great folks over at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association have recently made available a slew of old school Billy Graham videos.  These short filsm feature Graham preaching different messages over the years and they are well worth watching.

Beyond the great preaching, it is so very interesting to watch the entire worship service included within these videos.  You get to see the songs sung, the transitions, introductions and the guest artists.

It’s wonderful to see these snapshots of what sharing the Gospel looked like at various times in Graham’s long ministry.

What’s equally remarkable is how well these messages still communicate today.  It’s a testament to Graham’s timeless preaching.  Many of these messages could be taught today with little changes or updates.

Why not take some time and watch a message?  I bet you’ll soon find yourself hearing from God.  You’ll also probably end up taking a few notes on how to be a better communicator from this great man of God.

You can check out the videos here.

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