Send Large Files with Amazing Ease

By on January 4, 2012

Sending large files (or a large group of files) can be a huge pain.  There are a ton of services out there that try to help but most are cumbersome at best, and spammy at worst.  All that has changed with what I consider to be the best large file sharing service on the planet, is one of those services that’s so far ahead of the competition that it almost feels magical.

How does it work?

You just go to their site at and select the file or files you want to share.  (You don’t have to install anything or sign up for anything.)

Then, after you start uploading the files, you just share the link via email, facebook or twitter.  It’s that easy!

Nothing to Install on Either End

The person on the receiving end doesn’t need to sign up or sign in either.  They just download the files.

You can even add other files to the share after the fact.

People Can Download While You’re Still Uploading

What’s most impressive is that people can start downloading the files you’re sending before you’ve even finished uploading them.

WHAT?  Yep, you read that right.  They can start the download and start pulling down whatever you’ve uploaded as the upload is occurring.  Crazy! limits you to a whopping 2GB of total shared files but you can delete files once they’ve been downloaded.

Again, you don’t have to create an account but if you do you can keep your files available beyond the standard 30 day limit.

Watch this silent video to see this thing in action.  It’s a true work of geek art.

The next time you need to share a large file or a large group of files or a large group of large file or…well, you get the idea…head over to and be ready to be impressed and to be impressive to others.

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