World’s First Parallel Study Bible Released

By on January 11, 2012

Just when you think every possible variation of a study Bible has been published, the good folks over at Tyndale bust out some innovation and release the world’s first parallel study Bible.

Wait, haven’t parallel Bibles been around forever?  Yes, they have but this one is different.  With this Bible, the text isn’t parallel, the study notes are.

Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

The Bible features the NLT (New Living Translation) text with two (count ’em, two!) sets of study notes integrated into it’s pages.

This Bible has notes from both The NLT Study Bible and The Life Application Study Bible in parallel on every page.

See It Now

Check out this video to see how it all comes together.


While this might sound like overkill, this actually makes a lot of sense.  I have both of those study Bibles and I do, in fact, often find myself jumping back and forth between them when doing serious study of a text.

The bottom line is that I want both the application part and the background/historical part.  This Bible gives me both at once.

The Biggest Bible in the Room

Obviously, all those notes add some heft to this Bible which is very thick.  It is, however, very impressive to carry around. You’ll be sure to look far more spiritual than everyone else in the room when you lug this bad boy in with you.


All joking aside, this is a very innovative Bible and I’m sure many pastors will find it useful.  It truly is the best of both worlds and, quite possibly, the best study Bible available.

You can order this Bible from Amazon in either hardback or imitation leather.  There is also a Romans sampler for just $2.99 if you just want to see if you truly find this sort of thing useful.


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