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By on January 5, 2014
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magicrecsIf you’re a Twitter user, you’ll love this new feature the geeks in the Twitter labs have been cooking up.

It’s called MagicRecs, which is short for Magic Recommendations, and it does exactly what the name implies.

MagicRecs looks at all the folks that you follow on twitter and starts to make recommendations of other Twitter users you might want  to start following.

The results are really great.  You might even call them magical.

Wait, There’s More!

It doesn’t stop there though. MagicRecs also watches for trends that the people you following are tweeting about and notifies you if something is emerging.

It seems to just be monitoring hash tags but the results are still solid.

How Does It Work

It’s an simple and elegant system.

All you do is follow @MagicRecs on Twitter.  Then, MagicRecs sends you direct messages when it thinks you might be interested in something.

You can also control the types of tweets you get from the service by using the following commands.  (Send this via direct message to @MagicRecs.)

  • HI or HELLO
  • HELP

These commands basically let you turn certain features off if they don’t interest you.

So, what are you waiting for? Start getting your magical recommendations now by following @MagicRecs…and, while you’re at it, be sure to follow @PastorGearStuff too!

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