The Solution to Your Church T-Shirt Woes

By on February 28, 2014

T-shirts are a great tool for churches. They can be used to promote a series, advertise the church, or as a uniform for different ministry teams. They are not, however, without their problems.

Can Be a Hassle

b15f83213f4e4c9558311386e0963af8When selling t-shirts to promote the church, it hard to know what designs to choose. If you choose poorly, you’ll be seeing those shirts floating around storage areas in the church for decades. I think we’ve still got a box of Carmen shirts floating around.

When ordering tees for ministry teams, getting the sizing orders and delivering the tees can be difficult.  If you order in bulk, you’re bound to run out of a certain size, and get stuck with too many of another size.

The Solution

contentprog-teespring-logoNow, a new service can take care of all your problems and make everyone happy. is, as you might guess, a t-shirt company but it has some distinctive features.

Like most web savvy t-shirt companies, you can use their browser-based t-shirt designer to make shirts with simple lines of text, or you can upload any graphic. You can also pick the color and quality of the shirts you’d like to produce.

TeeSpring is Unique

teespring_1xWhat makes TeeSpring unique is that you can set a minimum number of orders before the shirts will be produced. (The absolute minimum is 10 in most cases but you can adjust that number to 1000 if you like.)

You can also set the price for your shirt. TeeSpring computers their price and then you can add a markup if you like. Of course, you can sell the shirts at their price with no markup as well.

TeeSpring then creates a custom page for you to promote via all your social media networks.

After that, TeeSpring does everything else.  They get the sizing info, get the shipping address, and collect the payment. Next, they produce the shirts and ship them to everyone that order one. Lastly, they cut you a check if you had any markup.

The Possibilities

This is a dream come true for most churches.

Do you need to outfit a ministry team?  Then, just create the shirt and tell that time to go and buy them. You’re done.

Have several t-shirt designs you’d like to try out? Put them all online at once and direct your folks to these pages. They’ll decide what they like and you’ll know which designs are most popular.

Again, you can even make a little money in the process.

If you’d like to have a number of tees on hand at your church, you can order groups of shirts from the same page and just have them delivered directly to your office.

TeeSpring even allows you to activate some up-selling options.  This means that you can allow your t-shirt design to also be offered on hoodies or other types of products.

What are you waiting for? You can have your new church tee online and ready to sell in just a few minutes.  Get going!

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