The Beautiful PowerQube

By on March 7, 2014

As you get more devices charging them becomes an issue. We’ve all had the experience of having only two outlets and multiple devices to charge. You find yourself swapping plugs and making hard choices between which devices you think you might really need later in the day.

Power strips are obviously an option but most of them are unattractive or inadequate.

61gZtCsr6-L._SL1500_Then suddenly it all changes when you see the glorious PowerQube. It’s truly in a class all by itself.

The PowerQube offers six standard power outlets, plus three USB charging ports as well!  That means you can charge up to nine devices at the same time!

The unit looks great too!

It’s not cheap but it is certainly attractive enough to put in the center of a conference table or other places where charging many devices is common.

You can check it out here.


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