Instagram Saves Your Videos from a Case of the Jitters with New App

By on August 27, 2014

Taking video with your phone is easy and it’s amazing to see how great it can look at times.

Taking decent time-lapse video with your phone is a bit of a nightmare. Unless you use a tripod of some sort, the video will turn out jittery and mostly unwatchable except for those with an energy drink addiction.

What’s a would-be, phone-only, time-lapse videographer to do? Well, Instagram has come to the rescue Hyperlapse.

Hyperlapse uses the gyroscope in your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to stabilize the video and make your time-lapse masterpiece a beauty to behold.

(It’s also great for impromptu tracking shots!)

Here’s a video of the kinds of videos you can produce with this new video app. :)

Obviously, the big benefit of time-lapse video is that you can condense down a lot of rather bland footage into something remarkably less bland, or at least remarkable less long.

Seriously though, the ability to do tracking shots without any sort of rig makes installing this free app a must.

You can download Hyperlapse for free here.

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