The Moto 360: It’s Awesome! It’s Amazing! It’s Already Sold Out!

By on September 6, 2014

Motorola launched their new Moto 360 smartwatch yesterday at noon and it was sold out in just two and a half hours.

At $249.99 a pop, this would suggest there really is a lot of demand for a good looking smartwatch.

Runs Android Wear

In case you hadn’t heard, the Moto 360 is a circular smartwatch that runs Google’s Android Wear software.

Android Wear is a voice-activated software that connected to all sorts of services. It also allows you to read and send texts, check the weather, and ask for directions. It’s basically a smart phone operating system (Android) that’s been tuned to be used as a wearable device.

Looks Great

moto-360-watch-faceWhile there are a couple other Android Wear smartwatches on the market, this one is clearly the best looking.

From it’s unique circular design to it’s beautiful virtual watch faces, Motorola got this right.

Regarding watch faces, Motorola has provided some classic looks as well as the usual more modern looks. Perhaps some of the popularity of this watch comes from the classic watch faces and the circular design. These together make the watch look classier, or at least more normal.

While the watch looks a little heavy, it only weighs 6 grams and early users say it feels light and comfortable.

Right now, the Moto 360 only comes with a leather strap wrist band but other interchangeable straps will be available in the future.

Activity Tracking

The watch also features activity tracking as well as a heart monitor.

It uses both of these functions to help you track your progress towards daily, weekly, and monthly fitness goals.

This sort of functionality could be a real problem for FitBit and other dedicated fitness trackers. May people don’t want to wear two devices (a fitness tracker and a watch) and many others don’t like the look of the fitness trackers currently on the market. This would solve both issues.


While the watch is currently sold out, Best Buy is reporting that “some stores” will have some of the watches in stock on September 14.

You can also go here to enter your email address to be notified when the watches are back in stock on the Motorola site.

Of course, if you simply must have an Android Wear smartwatch right now, you could get the clunkier, geekier, squarer Samsung Gear which has all the same functionality but with a little less class. It’s also a little cheaper.


What do you think? Is smart watch in your future? Do you want a Moto 360 or are you waiting for an Apple smart watch?

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