It’s Raining Wikipedia

By on February 28, 2011

Wikipedia recently celebrated their 10th anniversary and they decided to host a party.  One creative group was tasked to come up with some bold way to communicate the importance and functionality of Wikipedia.  What they came up with is genius.

They basically suspended small printers in the air and wrote a software program that grabbed summaries of Wikipedia articles as they were being updated.  Then, they printed these small summary cards and sent them randomly to one of the printers in the air.  Once the summary card was printed, it would drop to the ground.

Here’s a video.

Wikipedia’s 10th Anniversary from Dean McNamee on Vimeo.

I think churches could use this idea in some way.  Perhaps Bible verses could drop from the sky or serving opportunities or even the names of lives that have been changed at the church.  The ideas are only limited by the imagination.  I’m sure these printers are cheap enough that this could be done in a cost effective manner and it could have a huge impact.

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