Give Your Blog Some iPad Swagger

By on January 19, 2012

Sure, your blog has incredible content from a brilliant author (you) and you’ve tweaked it until it looks amazing but how does it look and feel on a touch-enabled device like an iPad?

Even if your site looks good in a standard browser, most don’t look so great when viewed on something like an iPad.  What’s even worse is that many blogs, when viewed on a iPad, don’t utilize the unique touch capabilities available and some don’t function at all.

What’s a Brilliant Blogger Like You to Do?

Thankfully, the great folks over at OnSwipe have a graceful solution.

They offer a WordPress plugin that  detects when an iPad is viewing your site and takes your admittedly brilliant content and delivers it in a gorgeous format that’s all iPady and touch savvy.  It’s really quite amazing to see it in action.

Easy to Customize

This is version 2.0 of the plugin and it’s easy to use.  It offers 11 different table of contents as well as four different layouts for articles.  You can also customize it with your own logo and accent colors.

You can even create a splash screen of sorts that comes up while your other content is loading.  It all looks very slick and professional.

You and the New York Times

The OnSwipe service has been used by thousands of blogs as well as the New York Times and it’s mature.  That means that it flat out works and that it’ll most probably meet your needs too.

Not on WordPress?

If you have a blog but aren’t using WordPress, you can still use OnSwipe by accessing their OnSwipe Dashboard and creating your own OnSwipe feed.

That feed can include your blog posts (RSS feed) as well as things like your tweets, your instragram feed, your youtube channel and other feeds.

Then, all you have to do is insert a small piece of code into your existing site that detects iPads and switches viewers over to your OnSwipe site.


You can get all the details at

If, however, you’re running a WordPress blog it just might be easier to just search for OnSwipe in the plugins section and install it from there.

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