Get a Custom Church Cola

By on April 30, 2012
uflavor is a new site that’s in beta right now but it looks pretty interesting.  The basic idea is that you can use the site to make your own custom flavors of drinks.  Beyond that, you can also create a custom label for your new beverage.

Check out this video to get the idea.

I could see churches, especially youth groups, using this service in a lot of fun ways.  Perhaps you could have your each age group work together to create their own beverage and then have a tasting night.  Or, perhaps this could be a fun fundraiser with the groups selling their creations to raise money for a missions trip or something.

I think people would actually buy the limited edition Middle School Mission Trip Madness Moonshine Cola.  Well, they might buy it if you could come up with a better name.

What do you think?  Is this useful?  Also, what creative names could you come up with for a customized beverage for your church?

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