Four Great Last-Minute Geeky Gift Ideas

By on December 23, 2013

You may have waited to the last minute but there’s still time to order some great gifts for your favorite geek thanks to Amazon and overnight shipping.

Here’s our picks for some great last minute gifts and possibly some stocking stuffers.

711t91jbHYL._SL1500_Palomini Blackwing 602 Pencils

Yes, these are pencils but they’re quite possibly the greatest pencils ever made.

Trust us.  This is one great gift.  Your geek will thank you profusely once they give one of this great writing instruments a spin.

31tIBH1RMZLNite Ize Gear Tie

These gear ties are superior to anything else on the market. Forget noisy velcro straps or anything else for that matter. These straps are heavy-duty wire covered in some sort of wonderful rubbery substance.

They stay where you put them and they get the job done.  They also come in all sorts of sizes for any sort of job.

61X-hF8hLjL._SL1500_Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB

This wonderful little Sd card holds your camera images just like any other SD card but it also is a wi-fi card and it makes any camera wi-fi enabled.

The card works flawlessly and means that you never have to connect your camera to you PC to get to your photos ever again.  They just float through the interwebs to your host computer.

You can even upload your photos from your camera to Facebook and other social services.  That’s right. You’re high-quality camera images are now socially aware.

Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player


This media player is incredibly small.  It doesn’t look much larger than a USB drive but it packs a lot of power.  Just plug it into your HDMI port on our TV and you’re ready to start streaming NetFlix and other services.

You don’t even need a remote. You control Chromecast from any Android or iOS device.  You can also control it from the Chrome browser.

You can use it to access NetFlix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, and YouTube.  It’s great for any geek and at $35 the price is unbeatable.

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