Gear Gift Idea #1: The ChargeCard

By on December 4, 2013

Finding that perfect gift for your geeky pastor friend can be hard so we’re going to be putting some of our favorite geeky gift ideas here all through the month.

chargecardFirst up is the ChargeCard from Nomad.

How many times have you needed to charge your phone only to realize you don’t have a cable with you?  ChargeCard will make that experience a thing of the past by allowing you to carry a charging cable that’s the size of a credit card in your wallet at all times.

Now, when we say that it’s the size of a credit card, we mean it.  This thing is slim but study.

The center “tongue” bends out to expose a USB plug while the charging plug is on the tip of the card.


The card comes in a few flavors too.

  • You can get the iPhone 4 version if you need the old iPhone connector.
  • You can also get an iPhone 5 version with the lightning connector as well.
  • Beyond all that, there’s even an micro USB version that will work with Android phones, or presumably anything that uses a micro USB connector.

These are all USB 2.0 high-speed compatible and ready to go.

They’re also flexible so they’ll never break.

Don’t get stuck without a charging cable. Get a ChargeCard.



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